Returns and Refunds

Returns & Refunds

If your product hasn’t arrived, you’re protected by the Boleum Marketplace Money Back Guarantee and can ask the seller for a refund. Some sellers may also be able to send you out a replacement item, if they have one.

Check your item’s delivery information

If your item hasn’t arrived yet it may still be in transit, so the first thing to do is to check the delivery information. You can find your order’s delivery information in your Order history. You’ll be able see the item’s expected delivery date, and the address it’s being shipped to.

What to do if your item is being delivered to the wrong address

If the shipping address you provided during checkout is incorrect, Contact the seller on the order’s delivery information page and see if they have cancelled the order. They can then relist the item for you to re-order in your account page with the correct address.

If the seller has already shipped the item, they won’t be able to change the shipping address. If possible, we recommend trying to collect your package from the original address.

If the product you received arrived damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or if it’s the wrong product, you’re covered under the Boleum Marketplace Money Back Guarantee. You can return it.

If you no longer want an product, you’ll be able to see Boleum Marketplace return & refund policy, how long you have to request a return, and any other conditions. You can check the listing by selecting the product in your order history.

Once you start a return, the seller has 3 business days to resolve your issue. If your problem isn’t solved at the end of those 3 days, you can ask us to step in and help.

Start a return

To start a return, select the product you want to send back from your recent order in your account page, navigate to order , select the product you want to send back then click on refund.

If you’ve asked your seller to help with a problem and they’re not able to resolve it for you within 3 business days, you can ask us to help.

When something goes wrong with an order, most sellers do their best to fix things for you. Sometimes, though, they aren’t able to resolve your issue, or you can’t come to an agreement with them. When this happens, you can ask Boleum Marketplace to step in.

When you can ask Boleum Marketplace to step in

Once you’ve let the seller know there’s an issue with your order, they have 3 business days to make things right. After that, you can ask us to step in.

However, if you and the seller are working on a solution, you don’t need to ask us to step in as soon as the 3 business days are up. Most sellers want to fix problems for their buyers, so if you’re still talking, give them a little longer to figure things out. You have up to 21 days after you start your request to ask us to step in.

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