Rules and policies for buyers

We want to maintain a safe, fair, and enjoyable marketplace for both buyers and sellers. If you’re a buyer, we ask that you review and understand our policies, including Boleum Marketplace User Agreement before you submit an RFQ or buy an item. By Submitting an RFQ or buying an item, you are agreeing to all of our rules and policies, including Boleum Marketplace User Agreement Policy.

Our policies are intended to:

  • Follow local laws and regulations
  • Minimize risks to buyers and sellers
  • Make sure that no one has an unfair advantage
  • Create an enjoyable buying experience
  • Protect intellectual property rights

Guidelines for buyers

The abusive buyer policy outlines the type of behavior that we don’t allow from buyers-such as making unreasonable demands of a seller, misusing returns, or misusing Boleum Marketplace Money Back Guarantee program.

Rules about Submitting an RFQ and paying

  • You can’t use Boleum Marketplace if your account contains false contact informationBuyers and sellers sometimes need to be able to get in touch with each other, and we need to be able to contact our members
  • You must pay for any item you commit to buying. Boleum Marketplace uses an RFQ style format, allowing you to submit an RFQ on an item. Also keep in mind that each RFQ you submit is a binding contract to buy the item if you the seller grant you access to buy. The same is true for Buy It Now purchases. Not paying for an item after you agree to buy it has negative consequences, explained in our unpaid item policy
  • You can only submit an RFQ  if you really intend to buy the item, even if you’re making a non-binding RFQ . You can only make non-binding RFQ’s on certain items, such as rigs. This type of RFQ still means that you intend to buy the item. The bottom line is, don’t place an RFQ unless you mean to buy the item
  • You can’t submit RFQ on your own item. We call don’t allow such kind of RFQ and it does not only violates our policies, it’s against the law in many places
  • Make sure that you read the listing description before you submit an RFQ. Many of the problems buyers and sellers encounter are the result of simple misunderstandings about what is for sale and the terms of the sale. For example, some sellers only want to sell to buyers who live in a certain country.
  • You can’t offer to buy items outside of Boleum Marketplace. Our policies don’t cover items bought outside of our site. If you buy items outside of Boleum Marketplace, we don’t protect you against fraud. Sellers must follow the same rule, so if a seller offers to sell you something outside of Boleum Marketplace, don’t accept the offer. For more information, see our rules for everyone, and our policy on offers to buy or sell outside of Boleum Marketplace
  • If you buy an item from a seller in another country, you can’t ask the seller to mark the item as a gift in the customs declaration. This is illegal, and against our policies. Learn more about our rules against encouraging illegal activity
  • When you submit an RFQ on or buy a rig in Boleum Marketplace, we may share your contact information with sellers. Sellers may also contact you about that rig or a similar one for sale. Learn more about our privacy notice

Rules about feedback

  • You can’t abuse the feedback system, This means you can’t threaten to leave a seller negative feedback if that seller won’t do something that wasn’t promised in the original listing. This is called feedback extortion and is against our policy.

    Also, you can’t leave feedback if you’re only doing it to help increase a seller’s feedback score. This is a type of feedback is called manipulation and is also not allowed.

    Make sure that you understand and follow all of our feedback policies.

If you’re having a problem with a seller

  • Be honest and have good intentions when you try to resolve a transaction problem. Learn more about what to do if you don’t receive an item or it doesn’t match the listing description under resolving buying problems, Attempts to manipulate Boleum Marketplace Money Back Guarantee are prohibited and can have serious consequences.
  • You can’t try to contact other potential buyers to “warn” them about a seller. This is called transaction interference and is prohibited. If you have a concern about a seller’s behavior, report it to us and we’ll investigate

If you’re a seller

If you’re also a seller, please be sure to read our rules for sellers, and make sure that your listings follow our guidelines.

Reporting policy violations

If you want to report a policy violation:

  1. First, read the policy page that deals with the violation (see our rules and policies) and make sure the other member is really breaking the rules.
  2. If you still want to report a member, contact Customer Support.

Reports of policy violations must be specific and you must submit them with the intent of addressing a known or suspected violation of our policy.

False reporting of policy violations can have serious consequences.

Report a listing only once. Multiple emails about the same listing slow down our investigation.

When we receive your report, we look at all the circumstances, including the member’s history, before we decide whether to take action. If we aren’t sure about something or can’t prove it with certainty, we may not take any action. In addition, we won’t discuss the results of an investigation. Learn more about our User Privacy Notice.

Still have more question? Contact us